about us

Oui Promote, based downtown and ready to hit the streets with your brand and product.

We’re turn-key, no-fuss, and creating moments to remember is easy for us.


About Us

A growing Canadian company of more than 10 years, Oui Promote uses creativity, expertise and first hand experiences to bring your brand into the mindset of your customer.

Yes, we provide a unique service. Yes, we provide the high level of excitement that goes with finding a unique service. Yes, we provide the sense of calm that comes with knowing that your brand and product are in safe hands. And yes, oui promote does… promote!

Oui” is French, meaning “Yes”.

Our Team

Utilizing 20 years of international experiences gained from working with worldwide brands, our team embellishes and expands on this with the excitement of creating new ones.


co-founder, CFO
coolest and weirdest icebreaker:
Coolest is going from brand ambassador to general manager within 4 years! Weirdest is that I was once featured in an Irish music video kissing a boy.”


co-founder, CEO
coolest and weirdest icebreaker:
Coolest for me is working within the Parade Department at Disneyland Paris for 5 years. Weirdest is dancing as the construction worker from the village people in a production of the YMCA.”


account coordinator
coolest and weirdest icebreaker:
“I love to take road trips! Driving across Canada province-by-province is pretty cool and road tripping around Italy is next. What’s weird? Being normal is weird.”